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This page will list some projects I have writen and have made either open source, available to the public domain or following the required license to other open source projects.

My programming and scripting cheatsheets are found here.


2011-12-21: WebApp: HTML5 Notes Pad (coming soon: please see WiGit Fork below)
I use AK Notepad for Android a lot. After the online sync (to feature was announced, I wanted to see if I can make something similar using HTML5 and git (a powerful de-centralized revision control system for edit history - just in case uploads stomps on the text file and removes lines you didn't mean to lose).
2009-09-31: (updated: 2017-03-18)
The JSON bookmark data format allows for rapid backup and restoration ability. But I needed a way to not only make the JSON data human readable - but extract essential information to use with basic revision control systems to archive/sync my bookmarks. After obtaining this data, it was easy to impliment a scrubber to generate a public friendly version to post online.


2012-01-26: WiGit
Forked on GitHub

Before starting on the HTML5 Notes Pad project, I looked to see if there was something already out there. WiGit by Remko was the closest. My forked version started out by replacing all of the getHTTPUser() code with just the 'REMOTE_USER' server variable. But then proceeded to remove all kinds of accessor functions, added an error page as well as a proper index/list page as the 'home' page.

2009-10-12: SDL_image with APNG support
The changes are based on SDL_image-1.2.7 - download changes.

Taking the original SDL_image::IMG_PNG.c code, I've added APNG support. However, the modifications does not fit the SDL_image architecture. Currently, the image needs to be pumped every frame to update the animation.

2009-10-11: SDL_gfx (-y) zoom bug fix
This patch was created against version SDL_gfx-2.0.20 - download patch.

The negative y zoom calculations were using the sizeof( struct tColorRGBA ) offsets instead of base address offsets. The bug fix was submitted to project maintainer Andreas Schiffler.

2009-10-06: libtheora with SDL_audio
The changes are based on libtheora-1.1.0 - download code.

The original player_example.c file from libtherora used SDL for the video portion but not for the audio. So, I rewrote it to use the SDL_audio functions -- the modifications should be close to a drop in replacement.

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