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Nickey C. Shin
(Due to the high profile projects I have worked on, I have taken my home address and phone number off these pages.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

First, a little bit about myself before going into the type of work I am interested in.

I have a passion for electronics. It is exciting how a box of wires and chips put together can bring so much joy to the people using them. Most of the projects I have worked on reflects my enthusiasm and interest in electronics and computers.

As you read through my resume, you will see that I am experienced in many different skills and the work years to go with it. I like to have fun with what I am working on. But I also like to see what today's technologies can be pushed to.

Now, the kinds of work I AM looking for: Fun projects and mentoring.

Embedded systems and real time (video gaming) are my field of expertise. I am interested from starting at the research and development phase; learning the new technology that challenge my skills; to implementing them. Projects requiring data acquisition (real world data input - manually or automatically), data display (GUI) and data communications (networking or other methods) are my primary interests.

Ever since HTML5 and webGL have been available - this has become my main focus powering all of my projects currently. I continue to write server-side generated page scripts (NodeJS, PHP, C/fast-cgi, etc.) and client-side created pages (primarily with JavaScript and the myriad of frameworks available for it).

I have also designed, setup and brought online - small and medium sized automated high availability systems. Although these are now provided by a number of service providers (such AWS, GCE, Rackspace, etc.) - I still make some on-site for internal and propeitary needs.

For more details on what I used day to day, please take a look at my sample code and my 'cheatsheet' notes I have made available to the public at:

The following is primarily for cold calling recruiters. Offers I am NOT looking for:

  • Supporting old, dying or dead tech
  • I do not want a (tech) documentation writing offer. I will only write documentation on projects that I have been involved with from the beginning.
  • Do not call me if the job is for a tech support monkey position, a lab (maintenance) baby sitter or a tester position (where the fun work has already been completed).
  • But, if there are needs for solutions in designing the lab infrastructure or there are needs for designing new testing applications, then I "might" consider the offer.

Do NOT contact me about joining your resume search engine either. All of those requests will be ignored.

Please DO include a description of the offer when you contact me about your inquiry. Offers that are not specific will result in longer reply delays.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this letter.
Have a Nice Day!

Nick Shin -

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