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Fabrication of Integrated Circuits

Back in 1996, there were not that many institutions that provided a fabrication facility to an undergrad. This lab was on the physical theory, design and fabrication of devices suitable for integrated circuitry; including the electrical properties of semiconductors and techniques (epitaxial growth, oxidation, photolithography diffusion, ion implantation, metallization, characterization, etc.) for fabricating integrated circuit devices such as p-n junction diodes, bipolar transistors and field-effect transistors. Wafer Pict

The breakdown of the hands-on-experience laboratory work is as follows: IC fab chip

This was a very cool and interesting class.

Here is a project that I did for one of my Electrical Engineering Classes that went more indepth about gate level design. This project was to design, test and hand in a working 8-Bit Adder Device. Check it out!

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