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    This Projects page and the DEMO pages are some of the projects I have done in the past (a long time ago).

    Most of the projects listed here are all hardware and software projects. Quite a few of them were done for college courses. These involved microcontroller programming, gate level logic processor design, Integrated Circuit fabrication, and more.

    Post college focused mostly on software programming projects. Application development (windows MFC and opensource toolkits), network administration (configuration, monitoring, hardening, etc.), scripting (perl, python and shell-bash), running linux and BSD, are just a few examples.

    My current attention is now dedicated to architecting and building large systems leveraging as many open source projects as possible. Some of the small tools and submissions I have written are available on my Open Source projects page.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through my projects and ideas.
    If you have any interests, comments, questions, or offers -- please, feel free to email me and I will be happy to reply.
Bookmark Scrubber
    Bookmark Scrubber : Fall 2009


    • Objective: A Mozilla Firefox bookmarks scrubber. This project will generate both HTML and JSON bookmarks with its full or scrubbed items.
IC Fabrication
    Fabrication of Integrated Circuits : Summer 1996


    • Objective: Hands-on laboratory experience in fabricating integrated circuit devices, such as: p-n junction diodes, bipolar transistors and field-effect transistors.
    • Class: ECE 344 (A really cool class.)
Laser Snooper
    The Laser Snooper : Spring 1996


    • Objective: Not an eaves-dropping device, but a project on modulation detection technology.    :)
    • Class: ADSL - ECE 246
Legobot AI
    LEGOBOT Project : Fall 1995


    • Objective: The course in general was mainly intended for writting programs in assembly (80x86). Some assignments included: computer demo programs, games, device drivers, and others. The legobot project combined all of these for the "finals".
    • Class: Computer Engineering/Architechure II - ECE 291
Elevator Controller
    Elevator Controller : Spring 1995


    • Objective: This isn't really useful if you're a contractor, but the information in here shows how the task was broken down to solve the problem of building a controller and the steps to take in completing the project. This project involved the use of the microcontroller - M68HC11.
    • Class: Digital Systems Laboratory - ECE 249
    • Note: The report submitted was not returned to us. So the hardware schematics are not available. However, pseudo-code is made available for you to use as a guide when designing your own.
Content | Bookmark Scrubber | IC Fabrication |
| Laser Snooper | Legobot AI | Elevator Controller |

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