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I needed a way to move a ton of stuff on a small media. At first it was the floppy disk. And then the zip disk. (That's a lot of stuff to move around.)

I didn't want to calculate which combinations of folders will make it to the size of the target disk when I move my projects between a couple of different computers.

Sure, I could have just transfered the files via the network. But, I needed a way to transfer a large amount of data if the network wasn't available.

And then, the File Splitter was born. I know that all kinds of programs exists out there. But I knew this was a very easy project to do on my own. So, here it is.

This program is a very simple utility that will split a file:

And the utility can also merge files.

Here's the help screen for the program:
(And it is all you really needed to figure out how to use this program.)
Usage: filesplit [options] 

        /bx - split the file into (x) byte chunks

        /fx - split the file into (x) number of equal sized files
              /b will be ignored when /f is used
              the default setting is /f2

        /q  - quiet mode, surpress cpu wasting eye candy

        /mfilename - merge to filename

        /? or /h   - prints this help screen

  The last file of the series might be smaller
  than the rest of the split files.
  So, keep that in mind when "equal sized files" are created.

To split the file sample.tar to The command is: filesplit /f3 sample.tar

To merge those files, the command is just filesplit /m sample.tar.
FileSplit will automatically search for 001, 002 and 003.

Note: If you have, for some reason, sample.tar.004 - FileSplit will merge that in. So it is up to you to ensure that the extra files are not there. No file size, check sum, encoding of reliability is put into this program. It was ment to be as simple as possible.

How I do I know if this program really works?

Fully commented and free for all to use. (Just email me a shout of thanks.)

Click HERE to see it.

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