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Wireless Transmitter
    Video/Audio Wireless Transmitter : 1996


    • Objective: Another university project. An earlier and basic project that covers the fundamentals of electromagetic tranmissions and receiving.
    • Notes: This is not a fancy or glamorous project, but was very important to learn and understand how the theories worked and applied.
Arcade Box
    JAMMA Compatable Arcade Cabinet : 1992


    • Objective: Pretty simple, make an arcade test box to swap out the arcade boards with easy access, yet be able to support many games that uses different controller configurations.
    Other Hardware Projects


    The following projects are archived on a personal page. These were not really a researched and developed on my own kind of projects. They were either found from another source (usually from electronic magazines) or done from a structured course with the university.

    • Integrated Circuit Fabrication and an 8-bit CMOS Design an Layout project.
    • Lasersnooper device.
Content | Wireless Transmitter | Arcade Box | Other Hardware |

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