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    Demo Portfolio

    Many projects done in the past or currently under development are listed here. They are broken down into a couple of catagories according to the field they cover.

    The Embedded Systems section shows project that combine software and hardware elements together to accomplish a simple task. These systems are small and just that, for use in an embedded system.

    The Hardware section contains projects that are pure electronics. No programming necessary, simple and yet fun to have/use.

    The Software section is the flip side. Most of those applications were created as a needed utility or as a test bed for a using/trying out an API library.

    And finally, the Web section is an archive of web pages. Information with ease of access and clear presentation are key for many projects. These sites are more about some of the complex or commerical aspect of a project.

    Feel free to email me any questions you may have.
    If you wish to hire me for contract work, please read my requirements.

    Nick Shin

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